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What is a SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk or SIP trunk is a telephone service that allows companies to connect their switchboard (Asterisk, 3CX, Avaya, FreePBX, etc.) to the telephone network via the Internet.

Calls are issued via VoIP and save companies a lot of money in calls and monthly fees.

With the SIP trunk, companies dispense with ISDN and primary , and maintain the lines by connecting to the Internet . The numbers are carried with the new VoIP operator.

Allows you to divert calls automatically in case of loss of Internet connection or electricity to avoid losing calls.

Benefits of SIP Trunk

The main benefit that companies get when migrating to VoIP with SIP Trunk is saving. This PBX connection is much cheaper than ISDN.

Still, most companies make the decision to migrate to SIP Trunk at the time when t...

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