What is a SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk or SIP trunk is a telephone service that allows companies to connect their switchboard (Asterisk, 3CX, Avaya, FreePBX, etc.) to the telephone network via the Internet.

Calls are issued via VoIP and save companies a lot of money in calls and monthly fees.

With the SIP trunk, companies dispense with ISDN and primary , and maintain the lines by connecting to the Internet . The numbers are carried with the new VoIP operator.

Allows you to divert calls automatically in case of loss of Internet connection or electricity to avoid losing calls.

Benefits of SIP Trunk

The main benefit that companies get when migrating to VoIP with SIP Trunk is saving. This PBX connection is much cheaper than ISDN.

Still, most companies make the decision to migrate to SIP Trunk at the time when their switchboard is outdated or needs to be updated. It is at that moment when the leap to current technology is taken.

1. Savings in fixed installments

The connection to the telephone network is much cheaper than with conventional telephony: you only need an Internet connection to use the SIP trunk.

This has an impact on the numbering and channel prices, which drops dramatically with SIP trunks and saves companies a lot of money.

2. Free internal calls

Calls between users connected to that IP switchboard and other IP exchanges from the same provider do not go to the public telephone network, so there is no cost to the company.

3. Savings in national and international calls

National and international calls are much cheaper with SIP trunks because SIP calls are managed through an IP telephony provider.

4. Channel expansion instantly

With traditional switchboards the number of channels was determined by the wiring and the telephone exchange to which the company was connected. Therefore, the number of channels (simultaneous calls) was necessary to contract in blocks instead of hiring the number of channels needed; and it was also necessary to move a technician to activate the additional channels.

With the SIP trunk adding more channels to the company system is instantaneous and the cost per channel is very small compared to traditional systems.

5. Mobility: change offices simply by taking your devices

In the case of moving the company to a new location, the migration process of the telephone system is trivial: it will be enough to connect the PBX and the terminals in the new headquarters to activate the telephone service in the new location.

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